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  • The Power of Advocacy

    The best person to advocate for your community is YOU! Find out why you should be the one to advocate for your city to Congress, and how you can make … Read More

  • SMART Strategy

    To have an impact, you’ve got to be SMART. Learn how to set goals and lay the groundwork for your community’s advocacy efforts. Interactive Toolkit Interactive Toolkit Transcript (PDF) PDF … Read More

  • Writing an Effective Email

    Write an email to your member of Congress that won’t get lost in the inbox. Find out how to craft and send a powerful email message that helps you achieve … Read More

  • Planning an Effective Meeting

    Prepare to meet with your member of Congress or their staff, whether you have five minutes or 50. Learn what to expect during your meeting, and how to leave a … Read More

  • Planning an Effective Phone Call

    Prepare for your next phone call to Congress by planning in advance what you’d like to say, who you need to say it to, and how to reach them. Interactive Toolkit … Read More

  • Following Up and Keeping Their Attention

    Once you’ve taken action, your advocacy has just started. Learn how to become a trusted expert to your member of Congress and their staff, and how to keep progressing on your advocacy goal over time.Read More

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    The new Advocacy Toolkit is centered around performing the four key advocacy actions: emailing, in-person meetings, site visits, and phone calls. The Advocacy Toolkit is an interactive, performance-support ‘wizard’ that will help guide you through actionable advocacy steps.

    Each workspace includes an interactive tool to help you develop each aspect of your advocacy toolkit, as well as several videos and PDF documents. Together these tools will help you develop the skills and understanding you need to effectively engage with elected officials.

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