Platinum Awardees

The National League of Cities would like to honor the following individuals for their achievement in NLC University’s Certificate Program…

November 2015 Certificate Recipients

Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum

Diamond, Diamond Cum Laude, & Diamond Magna Cum Laude

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Lone Awardee

Each level of ach
ievement has its own form of recognition. The certificate levels include:
NLC University attendees are acknowledged for participation in individual courses, and recognized for achievement over time through the award of certificates based on accumulated credits. Participants are recognized for their achievements at the Annual Leadership Luncheon at the Congress of Cities and Exposition and the Congressional City Conference. 

Certificate Level Credits
Bronze 16
Silver 36
Gold 50
Platinum 67
Diamond 80
Diamond Cum Laude 120
Diamond Magna Cum Laude 200
Diamond Summa Cum Laude 320

The NLC University Certificate Program builds on four core proficiency areas:

Four Proficiency Areas:

Below is a list of training categories and corresponding credits:

Training Category Credits
Pre-Conference Seminar (half day) 2 credits
Pre-Conference Seminar (full day) 4 credits
Summit (2.5 day program) 10 Credits