If you’d like to invite your member of Congress to visit a location in your community, learn how to plan and host a successful event that creates a media buzz and supports your advocacy goals.

Interactive Toolkit


Interactive Toolkit Transcript (PDF)

PDF Tools

Identify the Goal of Your Message (PDF)

Identifying The Goal Of Your Message.pd...enWxw&get_preview=1&rams_ui=1&saveas=0

The Key Elements of All Effective Site Visits (PDF)

Key Elements of All Effective Site Visi...6O06g&get_preview=1&rams_ui=1&saveas=0

Who Should Attend the Site Visit? (PDF)

Who Should Attend The Site Visit

Congressional Staff Roles (PDF)

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Planning a Site Visit (PDF)

Planning a Site Visit.pdf?_subject_uid=...RJCZw&get_preview=1&rams_ui=1&saveas=0

Video Tutorials

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